Vegetable dishes in Turkish cuisine culture

turkish cuisine - eggplant dishes
Special dishes of Turkish Cuisine: Eggplant Dishes
30 September 2021
Vegetable dishes in Turkish cuisine culture 2
13 October 2021

Related to the abundance of the geography and climate we live in, we have an extraordinarily rich cuisine in vegetable dishes.

In addition to being easy to digest, it is also extremely nutritious in terms of its nutritional value.

According to the recipe of vegetables, which are rich, raw or cooked, it has been our table to give up. There are a wide variety of recipes in our vegetable menu, which is enriched with local interpretations, from sunflower milk to butter, from olive oil to desserts. Even fruits are included in this list from time to time; Fruity dishes such as quince stew, stuffed apples, stuffed plums, plum stew, pear stew, quince stew are also made.

As Maza Lv, vegetable dishes have a special place for us as well. The favor of our vegetable dishes, which we always try to keep rich according to the season, also makes us very happy. During our food culture readings, when we saw the study titled “Vegetable Dishes Specific to Turkish Cuisine” prepared for students in 2012 by the Ministry of National Education, we paid attention because of this sensitivity. In this study, which was written under the titles of “Hot Vegetable Dishes” and “Cold Vegetable Dishes”, vegetable dishes were categorized and introduced and even their recipes were given. As you can imagine, we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing this work with you, just like every other reading that excites us.

In this blog post, we will summarize what is explained under the title of “Hot Vegetable Dishes” and then what is explained under the title of “Cold Vegetable Dishes” at the first opportunity. However, if you want to read the whole work with the recipes, you can reach the full article by clicking the link below.

Now, let’s take a look at our hot vegetables together.


In Turkish Cuisine, hot vegetable dishes are usually meat and vegetable dishes and take place on our tables as the main dish. Meat size is less than half compared to vegetable kebabs. In short, the difference from kebabs with vegetables is that meat is used less. It is generally prepared on three basis:

  • Meat and vegetables are brought together raw and cooked on the stove or in the oven.
  • The meats are first roasted in a little oil without attacking the water, and Brunoisse begins to cook with the addition of onion and tomato paste. Cooked vegetables are added. The vegetables here are eggplant etc. It can be soft vegetables.
  • After the roasted meat, onions and tomato paste, vegetables are added and cooked together.



Chopping vegetables and frying in light oil, onion, minced meat and sometimes tomato paste in a separate bowl or cooking tomatoes with roasted and fried vegetables by adding water. Moussakas time time is considered together with the sittings. Both pre-fried vegetables and They have common features such as the fact that the fees are the same. Some vegetables are absolutely essential for flavor. should be fried in olive oil. Others can also be used without frying. The fee must be should be abundant. Onion alone can’t add enough flavor to the mortar. So at least black pepper should be used adequately. Also, compared to the fact that moussaka is usually cooked on an open fire.

Covering it with an oiled paper and baking it in the oven will make it taste better. will provide.

(For example: Pea moussaka / bean moussaka / carrot moussaka / spinach moussaka / turnip moussaka / tomato moussaka. You can find the recipes for all of them in the following study prepared by the Ministry of Education .)

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