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The 10 most famous Turkish dishes in the world
22 February 2021
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8 March 2021

Turkey; With its unique natural beauties, mild climate, thousands of years old historical buildings, coastline where every shade of green and blue can be seen, and entertainment venues, it is one of the countries most frequently visited by travelers. Turkish cuisine is also important in this unique experience. 

side view doner with grilled chicken greens lettuce tomato and french fries on the table

Turkish cuisine, one of the few cuisines in the world, stands out with its rich elements and characteristics. Both are etsev both vegetarians can find tasty dishes in Turkey. kebab and a revolving restaurant where you can see almost every corner, plenty of syrup desserts, spicy meat dishes, savory pastries and of course the street flavors … It was like a gastronomic paradise has so much flavor to be tried before in Turkey!

Popular Food and Beverages Reflecting Turkish Cuisine

a different flavor in every region of Turkey is waiting for you!

Kebab Types

Adana, Urfa, iskender, beyti, shish kebab … Kebab varieties that will turn your trip into a feast in almost every city you visit appeal especially to red meat lovers. If you want, you can try the most popular kebab type, the hot Adana wrap, or the beyti served with tomato sauce and yogurt.

If you want to try kebab varieties, you need to turn your route to Southeast Anatolia. You can go on a gastronomic tour in Adana , Şanlıurfa , Mardin and Gaziantep ! Bursa, on the other hand, is considered to be the homeland of Iskender. Do not forget to try pide varieties, meatballs and lahmacun as well as kebabs!


Turkish Dessert Baklava with pistachio on silver tray. Dessert Concept.

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts of traditional Turkish cuisine. Baklava, which is cooked by putting peanuts and cream between layers of layers and very thin dough, is made ready for taste by pouring sherbet on it. Winning the “Most Creative City” award by UNESCO in the field of gastronomy, Gaziantep is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to baklava. Do not return without eating kebab and baklava from your Antep trip !

Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight

Turkish coffee, which is a sake of forty years, is one of the drinks most consumed by tourists. Turkish coffee prepared with a ceremony using special coffee beans, glasses and copper pots is usually served with Turkish delight. Turkish delight, which is an important part of Ottoman cuisine, fits very well with Turkish coffee!


Mantı, which tourists often compare to Italian ravioli, is one of the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine. Mantı is prepared by putting minced meat flavored with spices into the dough that is cut into small pieces and closing it. Prepared dough balls are boiled in hot water and cooked. Yogurt is also at the forefront of this meal! Do not end your trip without eating the mantı served with garlic yoghurt and butter in Kayseri !

Sarma and Stuffed

In Anatolian cuisine, wrapping and stuffed dishes, which are not missing on the tables, are prepared with various mixtures according to the regions. The stuffing that uses products such as rice, pine nuts, currants and minced meat is flavored with spices. Vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and kale turn into a delicious taste with these mixtures. Yoghurt is indispensable for wraps and stuffed dishes that you can try either with zentina or minced meat!


Tradesman restaurants and tables reveal the unique combination of beef, minced meat and parsley! Karnıyarık is prepared by cooking eggplants covered with tomato sauce and minced meat mixture in the oven. In the classic dishes of Turkish cuisine accompanied by leading rice and yogurt, you can try in every corner of Turkey.

Favorite Street Food

Turkey’s streets will transform your trip and receive instant flavors can consume a feast!

People buying fish, chips and meat in a fast food. Personal perspective. Istanbul 2009.

Turkish bagel

Simit is one of the most known and popular street delicacies. Prepared in different ways from region to region, simit stands out with its rich sesame seeds and crunchiness. Bagel, which is indispensable for breakfast, becomes a flavor bomb with tea and cheese! You can try different forms of simit in cities such as Ankara , Istanbul and Izmir .


Turkish Street Food Kokorec made with sheep bowel cooked in wood fired oven. fast food.

Kokorec is prepared under sterile conditions with offal and milk, which are addictive as they eat, and which those who have never eaten miss a great taste. Flavored with spices and vegetables according to preference, kokoreç is usually served between a quarter or half a bread. Make sure to try this flavor during your Bursa, Ankara and Izmir trip!

Fish and bread

The delicious fish coming from the sea are the guests of the tables in almost all cities along the coastline. It enchants travelers with the smell of fish bread prepared with mackerel, greens and lemon among fresh bread! The first place that comes to mind when it comes to fish and bread is of course Eminönü, Istanbul.

Raw Meatballs

Raw meatballs, which you can find in almost every city, on every street, on every corner, is one of the street delicacies you can eat immediately when you are hungry. Prepared with bulgur and tomato paste, raw meatballs are served with lettuce, lemon and pomegranate syrup. If you get hungry during your trip, you can try a raw meatball wrap right away!

Stuffed mussels

A street food that you cannot stop when you start eating: stuffed mussels! Stuffed mussels, one of the addictive street delicacies, is served on the counter with plenty of lemon. You can turn your route to Izmir for this unique flavor prepared by filling spicy rice into mussels.


Cheese, potato, minced meat, herbed flatbread from the streets … Turkey’s favorite flavor, reveal the differences of Turkish cuisine in the pastry! Prepared by adding various mortars into the rolled dough, the pancake is usually cooked on a sheet metal in the streets. Instant-can-eat pancakes can be found in every corner of Turkey to take.

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