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30 August 2021
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When it comes to Turkish cuisine, a variety of delicious dishes and desserts come to mind. Especially Turkish desserts have a very important place in Turkish cuisine. You can’t get enough of Turkish desserts, which are prepared as a light snack after meals or at five o’clock tea. So, what are these sweet varieties, which are among the indispensables of Turkish cuisine? Let’s examine it together.

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Ashura (asure)

Ashura is one of the most favorite desserts of both Turkish cuisine and Muslims. With the arrival of Muharram, it is a dessert that sweetens the cuisines. The fact that it is both light and very satisfying among the dessert varieties of Turkish cuisine causes the asure to be cooked in almost every kitchen. Apart from that, ashura has an Islamic dimension, it manages to be among the most important desserts of Turkish cuisine. There are very few people who do not like ashura, which is formed by different flavors such as beans, chickpeas, rice, barley, figs, apricots, hazelnuts and pistachios.

turkish desserts ashure
turkish desserts ashure


Baklava is one of the most consumed desserts and one of the most difficult desserts to make. Baklava, which is especially famous in the Gaziantep region, is frequently consumed in Turkish houses on holidays and special occasions. No matter how hard it is to open the homemade baklava, the walnuts and pistachios between its thin layers are mind-blowing. Therefore, it is possible to say that baklava is one of the leading desserts with syrup in Turkish cuisine.

Turkish Desserts Baklava
Turkish Desserts Baklava


Şöbiyet, which has a thin structure like baklava dough and a taste reminiscent of baklava, is one of the desserts with syrup. Impressing people with its crunchy texture and syrupy taste, Şöbiyet is frequently preferred especially in Ramadan iftar.


Just as when the month of Muharram comes, the kitchen starts to cook ashura, so when the month of Ramadan comes, the breeze of Güllaç starts in the kitchens. Güllaç, which has a very mild taste with its special dough, has a much more pleasant appearance when served with pomegranate. Güllaç, which adorns the tables with its light and ice-cold structure especially in the hot summer months, is one of the leading milk desserts in Turkish cuisine.

Turkish Desserts Güllac
Turkish Desserts Güllac

Rice pudding

When talking about milk dessert varieties, it is impossible to skip rice pudding. The fact that it is both light and has a structure that completely suppresses the desire for sweet causes the rice pudding to be cooked frequently in the kitchens. The unique harmony of rice, milk and starch makes rice pudding one of the most consumed desserts among dessert varieties. When you put the rice pudding in the oven and burn the top a little, you can be sure that its taste will remain on your palate.

Tulumba Dessert

Tulumba dessert, which is in the category of desserts with syrup, is a dessert that is loved and consumed at least as much as baklava. The best of the Tulumba dessert, which has a very special importance in Turkish culture, can be found in the mobile dessert shops, which we describe as street sweets. Especially the crunch that comes out when bitten allows people to take great pleasure from the dessert they eat.


As we mentioned desserts with sherbet, Turkish desserts are often made, especially on important days. For example, when one is happy about a news, this news can be celebrated while pouring a bite. Lokma, which has a much thinner texture than Tulumba dessert, is an ideal choice especially for those who like sherbet desserts. So much so that it can suppress all sweet desires of people with its intense taste.

Flour and Semolina Halva

Flour and semolina halva, which is among the Turkish desserts, can be preferred much more than other desserts due to its practicality. Halva, which is made of flour and semolina by roasting and pouring syrup on it, is not as heavy as desserts with syrup. Especially, semolina halva is much lighter than flour halva. In Turkish traditions, flour halva is roasted after the deceased and served to the guests.

Gummy custard

Gum pudding is one of the lightest Turkish desserts. Gummy pudding, which is cooked in almost every home, regardless of summer or winter, has a delicious taste, especially when it is made with mastic gum. Mastic gum adds a very pleasant atmosphere to the pudding both in terms of taste and smell.

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Turkish delight

Turkish delight is one of the limited desserts known to the world among Turkish desserts. Turkish delight, especially served with Turkish coffee, fascinates both tourists and Turkish people with its unique aroma and structure.

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