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7 September 2021
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Olive Oil Turkish Dishes

Olive Oil Turkish Dishes

Turkish cuisine is one of the richest and most delicious cuisines in the world. In Turkish cuisine, which stands out with its delicious dishes, there is a section called olive oil dishes that fascinate everyone who tastes it. When you get a cookbook about Turkish food, you can see how long the section for olive oil dishes is and you can realize how much importance Turks attach to olive oil dishes. Especially people living abroad realize how much they miss olive oil dishes when they come to Turkey. We can explain the olive oil dishes, which have been cooked in Turkish cuisine for many years and flavor their tables, as follows. Let’s examine these olive oil dishes with unique tastes together.

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Olive Oil Beans

When it comes to cooking with olive oil, the first thing that comes to mind is beans with olive oil. Beans, whose cooking technique changes according to various regions, are usually cooked with olive oil in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions. In the eastern regions, it can be preferred as meat. Green beans, one of the most popular types of vegetables, are not heated when cooked with olive oil. You can create a unique menu by making bulgur pilaf with plenty of tomatoes next to beans with olive oil, which is consumed as a hot starter alongside some dishes. And don’t forget the cacic!

Olive Oil Beans
Olive Oil Beans

Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil

It is impossible to skip stuffed peppers with olive oil when making a list of olive oil dishes. Stuffed peppers with olive oil, also known as fake stuffing, are cooked with rice. When meat is inside, it cannot be cooked with olive oil. Again, stuffed peppers with olive oil, which can be cooked in different ways according to each region, can be consumed as a hot appetizer, just like beans with olive oil. We are sure that the taste of stuffed peppers with olive oil, served with a large salad of seasonal greens and a tzatziki with plenty of garlic, will remain on your palate.

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Olive Oil Leek

Leek is a vegetable that has many benefits for human health. Leek, which is very popular among vegetables, is closely related to garlic and onion. Especially those who want to lose weight and diet, consume only 50 calories by consuming leeks with olive oil. In this direction, we can say that leeks with olive oil, cooked with very little rice and plenty of onions, have a unique place in Turkish cuisine. In some regions, vegetables such as carrots are added to leeks with olive oil. This is entirely up to your taste.

Artichoke with Olive Oil

Artichoke is a vegetable that has many health benefits just like leeks. We can easily say that people who want to lose weight will say goodbye to their excess weight with the Aegean style artichoke dish with olive oil. Apart from losing weight, artichoke has many benefits for the brain, bones and heart. Artichokes with olive oil, on which side dishes such as potatoes, carrots and peas are added, are the crown of the table. Apart from this, it is possible to say that the artichoke and broad bean pair together nicely.

Artichoke with Olive Oil
Artichoke with Olive Oil

Broad Beans with Olive Oil

As we mentioned above, artichokes and broad beans are a unique pair. While people can cook the broad beans alone with olive oil, they can cook the artichokes and broad beans together if they want. Broad beans with olive oil, which have a much more unique flavor when consumed with yogurt, can be cooked with or without rice. Since it is in all olive oil products, it is possible to make olive oil broad beans a much more delicious meal by adding some sugar cubes.

Celery with Olive Oil

Celery with olive oil, which is one of the dishes eaten by many vegetable lovers, is both a very tasty and a very healthy dish. Vegetables such as celery, quince and carrots with olive oil can also be added. Especially if a little olive oil is poured on it after cooking, a much more unique taste emerges.

Kidney Beans with Olive Oil

Kidney beans are actually a dish that can be cooked like dry beans and chickpeas. However, it is possible to cook fresh kidney beans with olive oil together with vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. The cooking technique of red kidney beans with olive oil, which is among the magnificent olive oil dishes with its dense consistency and unique taste, may differ from region to region, as in other dishes.

Okra with Olive Oil

Okra is not a vegetable that is loved and consumed by many people. For this reason, we left okra last in the list of olive oil products. However, despite everything, we can say that okra with olive oil also has a unique taste.

We talked about the delicious olive oil dishes in Turkish cuisine. So, what’s your favorite olive oil?

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