Turkish Appetizers

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26 April 2021
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Turkish appetizers

Turkish appetizers

Here you will fınd a large selection of turkish appetizers (meze), delicious starters. they are best served together! this is how enjoyment works!

In Turkey, of course, things are going much better for the delicious turkish appetizers. There is a refrigerated counter in almost every restaurant near the entrance where you can look at the fresh starters. Then you decide what you want from it and shortly afterwards it is served at the table with toasted flatbread. First the cold starters, then the warm meze such as, for example , Sigara Böreği . Danger! There is an acute risk of gluttony!

In the Arab world, the spelling Mezze or Mazza is often found . It’s basically all the same. In its heyday, the Ottoman Empire expanded around the Mediterranean. Accordingly, the term has established itself in many countries and cultures there.

You can find the individual dishes in separate articles so that they can be found more easily using the search. The list here will keep growing and growing over time. But before we start, a quick recipe for pickling olives. Because they should of course not be missing on any starter


Turkish appetizers olive
Turkish appetizers olive

Turkish appetizers – meze

Prep. time: 10 mins
Tub. time: 1 minute
Total time: 11 minutes

Pickled olives should not be missing on any dining table in Turkey!
Author: Maza
Recipe type: starters
Cuisine: Turkish
Servings: 4


  • Good quality black olives such as sele
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Pul Biber – Turkish pepper flakes
  • oregano
  • Salt & pepper as you feel
  • good olive oil


  1. I will forego the quantities here – it depends on your feeling. The olives are best bought loose by weight, then you can try them out and decide for yourself which ones taste best. They should not be pitted so that they have the full aroma.
  2. At Pul Biber you can have sweet peppers (Tatlı Pul Biber) or hot peppers (Acı Pul Biber). According to your taste. The olive oil should be of the best quality. Then nothing can go wrong with the dressed olives! Have fun and a good start to the summer season!

Other Turkish Appetizers


Turkish appetizers

Acılı ezme – Spicy Turkish spice paste

Acılı ezme is a hot spice paste that mobilizes gastric juices and is the ideal appetizer for a Turkish meal.

Sigara Böreği

Zigarrenbörek are delicious picnic or party finger food. This Turkish appetizer is quick to make and guaranteed to be loved by everyone!

Cucumber Yogurt – Cacık

Cacık or Tsatsiki is a classic on both sides of the Aegean and has little to do with the garlic-laden chimneys of our school parties.

Stuffed grape leaves – Yaprak Sarması

Stuffed Turkish grape leaves without meat, but with lots of fresh herbs and currants.

Kısır – Anatolian bulgur salad

A classic of the Anatolian cuisine. Here you can find out the difference between Turkish bulgur salad and tabbouleh.

Börek with spinach and sheep cheese

Baking a Börek with spinach and sheep cheese yourself is easier than you think with this recipe and it is also sensationally delicious!

Icli Köfte – filled bulgur balls

A real “just by feeling” recipe, because the delicious Icli Köfte need a little patience and sensitivity – then they are a stunner!

Spoon Salad – Gavurdağı Salatası

Sometimes there is only a subtle difference between normal and delicious! The spoon salad with pomegranate and walnut shows how it is – very tasty!

Turkish appetizers Mercimek Köftesi – Red Lentil Balls

Fantastic party finger food and vegan too, so that everyone can grab it: Mercimek Köftesi made from red lentils and bulgur.

Imam Bayıldı – stuffed eggplants with peppers and tomatoes

Imam Bayıldı is certainly one of the most famous Anatolian starters – probably also because of the funny name: “The Imam passed out”.

Lahmacun – more than just Turkish pizza

They are a big hit at every buffet: crispy lahmacun with a minced meat topping quickly outstrips some pizzas.

Ispanaklı Kol Böreği

It’s easy to make, looks great and tastes tempting: fresh escargot with spinach and sheep’s cheese!

Turkish appetizers

Antep Söğürme – Eggplant and Tomato Salsa

Antep Söğürme is a firework of smoky eggplant puree, onions, braised tomatoes and green peppers. A recipe to fall in love with!

Beetroot and sweet potato dip with apple salsa

Beetroot and sweet potato dip is a delicious starter that should not be missing on any buffet. Here with a refreshing apple salsa.

Süzme Yoğurt – drained yogurt

Labneh or “Süzme Yoğurt” in Turkish is made simple and a little lifesaver for all kinds of recipes from the Middle East!

Anatolian braised chickpeas

These chickpeas contain everything that makes Anatolian cuisine so delicious: pomegranate, mint and paprika.

Çerkez Tavuğu – Circassian chicken

A traditional “pulled chicken” recipe that hardly anyone knows. It just tastes great: Circassian chicken.

Turkish style appetizers broad white beans

Another classic of the Turkish meze: thick white beans in olive oil should not be missing on any appetizer table or when grilling in summer.

Fava, the delicious Greek hummus

Everyone loves hummus! But only a few know the delicious Greek counterpart Fava, made from yellow flat peas. With capers, chives and crispy fried onions, it’s a great treat!

Mediterranean prawns with coriander

Ingeniously simple and incredibly tasty: prawns – cooked in the oven with olive oil, lemon and garlic and served with fresh coriander. This is how holidays taste!

Menemen – Turkish scrambled eggs

Fürüsütück is ready: eggs with tomatoes, peppers, sheep’s cheese and parsley – it smells like vacation and is a great way to start the day.

Turkish appetizers Carrots in yogurt – Yoğurtlu Havuç

It sounds banal and it doesn’t look very much either – but whoever has tried Yoğurtlu Havuç once, always wants more of it!

Turka-style hummus

Sesame and chickpeas belong to Anatolia like sauerkraut to Germany. Hummus may not be Turkish – but it is damn tasty with a Turkish touch!

Muska Böreği – Filled Börek Corners

Party finger food that makes everyone happy – crispy, wonderfully fragrant Muska Böreği with three very tasty fillings.

Bell pepper and eggplant vegetables with sheep cheese and walnuts

Bell pepper and eggplant vegetables together with tomatoes is an unbeatably delicious mixture that has even become a song of its own in Turkey.

Smoky eggplant puree – Yoğurtlu Söğürme

Smoky eggplant puree turns out really good when grilled with charcoal. Then this Turkish meze is simply irresistible!

Beetroot with sheep cheese and basil

A delicious starter that is easy to prepare. Beetroot with sheep’s cheese and basil is simple, ingenious and incredibly delicious!

Beetroot puree with sheep cheese and walnuts

Beetroot puree and horseradish are a perfect duo with many trace elements. They make you fit for the winter! Here with walnuts and sheep cheese!

Quick, tasty chickpea salad

A very fresh chickpea salad for the party buffet that is easy to prepare and can be kept in the refrigerator for several days. Delicious!

Shakshuka – spicy eggs in tomato and pepper vegetables

A perfect start to a hot summer day! Shakshuka is real soul food and can be prepared in many different ways.

Turkish Zucchini Pancakes – Mücver

Simple, tasty and the ingredients are available in every supermarket – with this recipe for Turkish zucchini pancakes everyone will enjoy having a vegetable day.

Turkish shakshuka

A summer starter made from eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes with yogurt and herbal oil: Turkish Shakshuka.

White bean hummus with pickled mushrooms

There are no limits to delicious pastes made from legumes. Today the great white bean hummus to Ottolenghi.

White bean salad and kofte

Only summer is so simple and delicious: white bean salad and kofta from Antalya – dressed with tahini and the juice of sun-ripened oranges.

Lemon-orange lemonade – Limon Şerbeti

This delicious summer thirst quencher is made from just one lemon and one orange: lemon-orange lemonade or Limon Şerbeti.

Red basil iced tea – Reyhan Şerbeti

An unusual thirst quencher with a great color and a slightly peppery-fruity taste: red basil iced tea or Reyhan Şerbeti.

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