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Meat Stuffed Leaf Rolls (Yaprak Sarma)- One of our homemade delicacies, stuffed vine leaves, is one of the most popular and widely consumed dishes of Turkish cuisine. As with every traditional dish, stuffed grape leaves are produced with different techniques for each region. The most popular of these are “Meat Leaf Sarma” and “Olive Oil Sarma”. While olive oil wraps are generally famous in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, Etli Yaprak Sarma is popular almost everywhere in the country. In this article today, we will try to give information about Meat Leaf Rolls. What is Succulent Leaf Wrap? How was it produced? What is the History of Fleshy Leaf Rolls? if you’re ready, let’s start.

Meat Leaf Sarma – Olive Oil Sarma – yaprak sarma

The History of Fleshy Leaf Rolls

Most traditional flavors in Turkish cuisine have a long history journey. Meat Leaf Sarma is one of them. The historical journey of fleshy leaves dates back to the Ottoman period. Two popular flavors in the Ottoman palace cuisine: sarmas and dolmas. Today we will only talk about the wrap. Sarma is considered technical in the Ottoman Empire. In other words, it is accepted that it is produced not as a new dish, but as a result of adapting an existing dish with different techniques (folding, cooking, cooling). According to some rumors, Sarma was produced in the Ottoman cuisine and first appeared in the Ottoman Empire. However, its occurrence in Mediterranean countries at the same time has created a great mystery. Those who argue that the wrap was produced in the Ottoman palace kitchen argue that the Mediterranean countries saw it from the Ottomans. Mediterranean countries claim the opposite.

In the tables set up at that time, the wraps prepared with great efforts took their place in the corner of the table. It was consumed hot, hot or resting for a night and consumed cold. This centuries-old tradition has been passed down to the present day. In the past, it was cooked and served by combining with sour flavors such as wrap, sour cherry and verjuice. Today, a similar method is used. The wraps are cooked and served in a pot with lemon. Although it is a dish dating back to quite a long time, it makes us happy that it reaches the present day without losing even the small details. To wrap up briefly, wrapping; It is a flavor that has grown in our kitchen, has become one of us, has become a symbol of labor and skill in our kitchens.


Popularization of Succulent Leaf Vine

As far as we know, Meat Leaf Sarma was first produced in the Palace kitchen. In other words, while the meals made in villages and cities became popular and entered the palace cuisine, it was the opposite in meat wrap. So how did it spread so quickly from the Palace to the people?

According to the rumors we got from the history books, Meat Leaf Sarma was first produced in the palace kitchen, tasted and admired. So much so that it started to be done 2-3 times a week. In a short time, the leaves supplied by the palace ran out. As such, the farmers were instructed and this is how the community first met. After the farmers started producing for the leaf, the wrapping spread to cities, towns and villages as an inexpensive and delicious meal. Rolling leaves with meat spread throughout the country in a short time and became one of the most popular traditional tastes of Turkish Cuisine for centuries. Most likely today most of us have hanging gardens in our villages, perhaps in the gardens of our city houses.

Why Vine Leaf?

The vine leaf preferred when wrapping is not a randomly selected leaf. It is preferred because it is the most suitable leaf for wrapping. So why vine leaves? what makes it special

First of all, if the vine leaf is stored correctly, it has an intact structure. In other words, thanks to the vine leaves that we can use in summer and winter, we can eat it whenever we want. Of course, this is not the only feature. Vine leaf is a hardy plant that can adapt to almost any climatic conditions. It is the most important feature of it that it does not tear while wrapping. Because wrapping is already a difficult dish to cook. If the leaf is constantly torn, the workload may increase and production may be difficult. For this reason, our ancestors preferred vine leaves while wrapping. Vine leaves are also rich in vitamins. Contains vitamins A, B6, C and K. In addition, thanks to its fibrous structure, it facilitates digestion.

Even though Meat Stuffed Stuffed Grape leaves make you forget all the fatigue with its taste, even though it is more difficult and troublesome than other dishes.

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