The 10 most famous Turkish dishes in the world

Shawarma (Doner Kebap)
22 February 2021
Turkish Restaurant – Turkish Foods
1 March 2021

Turkish cuisine; It has gained admiration in Anatolia as well as in other geographies in terms of its taste and nutritional value and has become one of the leading culinary cultures of the world. Therefore, there are dozens of flavors that come out of these lands and spread their fame around the world. You can find the most striking of these in our list of the most famous Turkish dishes.

Here is the famous brand we have compiled for you, whose reputation has spread all over the world. Turkish foods…

1. Shawarma (Doner Kebap)


Doner is one of the most well-known dishes in the world that can be found wherever you go. Although many different types of kebab come to mind when we say “kebab”, “döner” comes to mind first of all in the minds of foreigners.

In addition to the taste of doner, which should definitely take the first place in the list of the most famous Turkish dishes, the way it is prepared is one of the details that attract foreigners. The sweet smell of doner kebab, which is placed in a bottle and turned slowly in vertical position, can be considered as another point that highlights this flavor.

2. Baklava


Baklava is undoubtedly one of the first tastes that comes to mind when it comes to Turkish cuisine. Baklava, the king of sherbet desserts, is a very popular recipe in our country as well as abroad.

For this reason, it is possible to taste baklava in many countries from Europe to Asia. On the other hand, it opened thin, crowned with complete consistency of syrup, the right address for baklava with pistachios added to the flavor, of course, Turkey.

3. Shish Kebab

shish kebop

Although shish kebab, a Turkish food classic, has both red meat and chicken meat varieties, its version made with chicken is more widely preferred abroad. In addition, with the effect of having a common history and close geographies, there is a shish kebab recipe in Arabic and Greek cuisine. However, Turkish style shish kebab differs from its counterparts with its sauces, rice and specially prepared pita.

4. Lahmacun

lahmacun (Turkish pizza)

Lahmacun, which we can list among the famous Turkish dishes, is often referred to as “Turkish pizza” in foreign societies. Although it is likened to pizza due to its circular form, lahmacun, which is not very related to pizza in terms of its content and dough, is sometimes included in the menu of restaurants abroad with the expression “pide”.

Lahmacun, which has a unique eating ritual because it is served with minced meat, greens, lemon and spices, is one of our delightful tastes that impress everyone with its crispy dough and taste.

5. İskender Kebab

iskender kebap

İskender Kebap, named after a butcher from Bursa; traditional flavors served with pita, thinly sliced ​​meat, tomato sauce, butter and yogurt. Iskender Kebap, which is appreciated by foreigners who visit our country, is definitely on the menu of many Turkish restaurants as it is in high demand abroad.

6. Olive Oil Fleshy Leaf Rolls (Sarma)


Grape leaves with olive oil, a recipe for thousands of years, conquers the hearts of every taste with its flavor. The olive oil stuffed grape leaves, prepared by wrapping the internal mixture prepared with rice, spices and onions among the vine leaves, is another of the Turkish dishes whose fame has spread around the world.

7. Meatballs


almost every region of unique varieties of dumplings each in Turkey, though in general in the world “meatballs” are taken under the roof. Like other kebab varieties, it is possible to see meatballs served with greens, rice and pita in the restaurants of foreign countries under the name “Turkish meatball”.

8. Kunefe


One of the most special flavors of Southeastern Anatolian cuisine, künefe appears as one of our delicacies whose reputation goes beyond the borders of the country. Cheering the palates with its delicious string kadayıf, special cheese, pistachio decoration and consistency sherbet, künefe is generally preferred to make a perfect finale after tasting delicious Turkish dishes.

9. Manti (Ravioli)


Another famous recipe is mantı, which is prepared for service by boiling small pieces of dough filled with spicy and meat filling, then adding yogurt and special sauce. Although similar to the “ravioli” recipe of Italians, differentiating with its original presentation, mantı is one of the tastes that are in demand in many parts of the world.

10. Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Its special taste, foam, smell, cooking, serving … In short, Turkish coffee with its own identity is a taste enjoyed by everyone from seven to seventy. Turkish coffee, which is consumed not only by Turks but also by people from different cultures, is preferred with its exquisite taste and permanent aroma. So, how is Turkish coffee made?
Indispensable for coffee lovers Turkish coffee continues to be consumed fondly for centuries. Citizens wondering how to make Turkish coffee at home are questioning the most delicious and practical Turkish coffee recipe, while also questioning the tricks to consider when making Turkish coffee. Here are the tips to be considered when making Turkish coffee and making Turkish coffee …

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