Special dishes of Turkish Cuisine: Eggplant Dishes

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22 September 2021
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6 October 2021
turkish cuisine - eggplant dishes

Eggplant dishes are one of the most frequently cooked dishes in Turkish cuisine. So much so that eggplant is one of the vegetables cooked in Turkish cuisine since ancient times, which is included in the records of Evliya Çelebi and various travelers. We can easily say that the eggplant vegetable, which has adorned the Turkish food culture since the time of the Ottoman Empire, is cooked and presented in many different ways today. According to a study conducted by the faculty members of Akdeniz University Manavgat Tourism Faculty, 156 kinds of dishes can be made with only eggplant in Turkish cuisine. Again, according to the aforementioned research, eggplant dishes are one of the most frequently served dishes in accommodation facilities, activities and restaurants. Therefore, it is clearly stated how important eggplant dishes are for Turkish cuisine. So, what kind of dishes are made from eggplant, which has an important place in Turkish food culture? Let’s examine it.

Meat and Eggplant Meal and Meat Eggplant Meal

When it comes to aubergine dish with minced meat and aubergine dish with meat, dishes such as moussaka, aubergine sitting, sultan liked, and stuffed eggplant come to mind.


When it comes to aubergine dish with minced meat and aubergine dish with meat, undoubtedly, moussaka comes to mind first. Moussaka, in which the eggplant is fried in a separate pan and the ground meat is sauteed, is a very delicious dish. The number of people who do not like moussaka cooked in almost every Turkish cuisine is quite small.

turkish cuisine - eggplant dishes


Eggplant sitting is another name for moussaka. Eggplant sitting, which has exactly the same way of cooking, is at the top of the eggplant dishes with minced meat.

Hunkar Liked

Hünkar liked, in which the eggplant is roasted and cooked, has a unique flavor. In this dish, eggplant is first roasted. Then, minced meat, onions, tomato paste and tomatoes are roasted. Roasted eggplant is mixed with a chiefemal sauce made with flour and milk. Roasted minced meat sauce is poured on it and served. In addition, Hünkar liked can be prepared with cubed meat.

Ali Nazik

Ali Gentle, Hünkar liked it is a dish in which yoghurt is substituted for the Başemal sauce. Roasted eggplants are blended with yoghurt and served by pouring over the prepared minced meat. Ali can be cooked with minced meat instead of minced meat.


Stacking; It is a dish made with eggplant, potatoes and zucchini. First of all, minced meat is prepared in the form of meatballs. Potatoes, zucchini and eggplants are fried. Then, one potato, one meatball, one eggplant, one meatball, one zucchini and one meatball are arranged on the tray. On it, tomato paste sauce is made and placed in the oven. Dizme, which is a very delicious dish, can be a unique choice for special guests.


Karnıyarık is a dish that should be at the top of the list of eggplant with minced meat. After the eggplants are cut vertically in the middle, they are fried as a whole. Ground beef, onion, tomato paste, tomato, pepper are roasted as a filling. Those who wish can also cook kabobs with chicken instead of minced meat or meat.

turkish cuisine - eggplant dishes

Eggplant kebab

Eggplant kebab is among the dishes frequently cooked in Turkish cuisine. Meatballs are prepared and lined with eggplants one by one. Those who wish can arrange the eggplant and meatballs in the bottle. This very delicious dish can be a good choice for your guests.


It can be made both with and without meat. It is cooked with various vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans. This very delicious dish is extra delicious when cooked in a casserole.


Şakshuka is consumed as an appetizer according to some, and as a vegetable dish according to others. It is possible to say that the şakşuka dish, which deeply conquers the hearts of people, is extremely delicious and simple to prepare. You can cheer up your palate with şakşuka, one of the indispensable dishes of eggplant lovers.

Eggplant Sultan Kebab

Sultan kebab, which is preferred as the main course at dinners and invitations, is normally cooked with peas and chicken. However, people who do not like peas can also cook sultan kebab by adding eggplant instead of peas. Sultan kebab, which has an insatiable taste, is the star of the tables. The basemal sauce added to the sultan kebab, which is a must-try flavor, makes the dish extra delicious.

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