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1 March 2021
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adana kebop

Kabop, which means “cooked, fried” in Arabic, is one of the indispensable and varied dishes of Turkish cuisine. You can smell it even when you say its name. which is sort of like varieties of kabops cooked meat dishes delight, Turkey’s unique flavor race with four corners and all different types of stands ran side by side for years. There’s no one left behind!

As Yemeksepeti, we wanted to list the most popular kabop varieties unique to the regions and actually remember how much kabop we live in a country.

Adana Kabop

Adan kabop, which is the most amazing combination of lamb meat and tail fat, is the number one kabop choice for hot spicy lovers. Onions with sumac and roasted tomatoes next to Adana kabop lying on lavash, these are all feasts.

adana kabop

Urfa Kabop

Urfa kabop, which is also recipe in Adana as a bitter, is the most delicious form of minced meat for almost everyone. Its other name is poppy kabop, lighter than Adana kabop, but not less tasty …

urfa babop

Cag Kabop

Erzurum’s famous cag kabop is named after the skewers called cag. Meats to which basil, onion, salt and black pepper are added are put on these skewers and served with lavash or tandoori bread. It is delicious.

cag kabop

Iskender kabop

Iskender kabop, a kebab unique to Bursa, has become a brand name as Iskender doner or even singly Iskender. The feeling of eating doner and pita pieces soaked by lots of butter and tomato sauce… It’s smell, right?

iskender kabop

Ciger (Liver) kebab

Ciger (Liver) kabop, which is eaten even for breakfast in the kabop-loving provinces such as Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep and Diyarbakır, is consumed in abundance in southern provinces such as Mersin and Adana. Other name: Cartlak kabop.

ciger (livar) kabop

Shish Kabop

shish kabop flavor which spread throughout Turkey from the southern provinces, but some are made from mutton. There is a good taste, that is, a bitter. Chicken shish is at least as popular as it is made from mutton.

shish kabop

Manisa kabop

The starting point of Manisa kabop, a type of kebab unique to Manisa and Izmir, is meatballs. If we say it is not the doner kabop of Iskender but the meatballs, we would describe it very well.

manisa kabop
manisa kabop

Kuyu (pit) kabop

The well kabop from Kastamonu, Ilgaz and Taşköprü got this name because it is made in specially prepared wells. Did the tandoor kabop sound familiar?

kuyu kabop

Eggplant kabop

Eggplant kabop, another flavor of Şanlıurfa, has an exquisite appearance as well as its taste with a row of eggplant and a row of minced meat. Consume it with plenty of onions.

Eggplant kabop

Tomato Kabop

We can say that tomato kabop is the most meaty and tastiest form of red, prepared by ordering tomatoes with minced meat kebab like eggplant kabop.

Tomato Kabop

Beyti Kabop

The beyti kabop prepared by wrapping the garlic of Urfa kabop in a lavash is decorated with parsley, it also has pistachio, it is a multi-shaped kabop.

Beyti Kabop

Testi kabop

Yozgat-origin test kabop is indeed prepared in a jug. The person who will break the jug at official invitations makes a promise before making promises and breaks the jug. He also has such a tradition.

Testi kabop

in short, a country like kebab is actually eaten if eaten!

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