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15 February 2021
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Doner, which took its place on the tables as a lule kebab in Central Asia, has reached its present shape in Anatolia. The famous Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi tells at length the way this flavor is cooked in his “Seyahatname”.

The art of processing meat in the Turks has a history of 2,500 years. It is assumed that the first traces of doner kebab, which constitutes an integral part of Turkish cuisine, were seen in Central Asia under the name of lüle kebab and reached its present form in Anatolia. Turkish doner; Although it is confused with the Arabs’ shawarma, which is fried with a rotating skewer vertically, or the gyros of the Greeks, it differs in both the cooking technique and the material used.

There is no such kebab in the world Shawarma (Doner Kebap)

Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi gives a long mention of this traditional Turkish flavor in his “Seyahatname”. The famous traveler, who says that doner has an important place in the cuisine of the Crimean Turks, gives information about the subject in his book as follows: “They sacrifice lamb and slice it into slices, put the meat on an iron kebab skewer, and the two heads are thin and the meat is neatly arranged. Then they break a car wheel, burn the gold of the kebab slowly, fire it and cook some kind of kebab, so it feels like marrow. There are many Tatars who have eaten such cooked kebab and drank 100 okka boza. They cook kebabs that are so nice, soft and fresh that there is no possibility that such kebab will be cooked in the world. Cooking with a cart wheel is a must among Tatar. ” It is believed that doner, which is mentioned in Ottoman travel books, took its final form in the 19th century. This delicious kebab is thought to come from the same source as the cag kebab in Erzurum. Doner kebab; traditionally served with rice pilaf and spicy paste, not in bread. Doner kebab has been sold in Istanbul since 1960. Lamb is used in a majority of the returns made in Turkey. Also, chicken meat is often used.

Provincial Shawarma (doner) types

Many provinces in Turkey, ‘the best returns we can do’ he argues. Some praise the meat he uses, some praise his spice, some his mastery. We can list some regions and provinces in terms of doner kebab, which has just been appreciated by consumers and especially when you go to that city, especially for eating:

Bursa: Bursa, which comes to mind first when it comes to doner, is now in the foreground with its kebab with yoghurt rather than doner.

Trabzon: People of Trabzon rely on their meat while making their doner, and mixtures of veal are also used in places.

Erzincan-Kelkit: The characteristic of doner, which is obtained from the meat of the animals grown in the highlands with thyme scent, is the leaf. For the seasoning of doner; Spices are not preferred except salt, milk and yogurt.

Erzurum: Everyone in Erzurum does not know the cag kebab, which is a flat doner.

Afyon: Making great success with its sausage doner, Afyon stands out as our innovative city in doner kebab.

Shawarma (Doner) with Turkish Flavor Conquering the World

Anatolia’s gift to the world returns, today everywhere from Siberia to Africa, from Argentina to Japan. So how did the döner take over the world?

Shawarma (Doner)
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