Mediterranean Food Las Vegas

The Mediterranean Grill
2 November 2016
Mediterranean Food Catering
2 November 2016

Mediterranean Food Las Vegas

Influenced by the Ottoman cuisine ,by the Central Asian cuisine ,and by the Middle Eastern cuisine and the Balkan cuisines the mediterranean cuisine has   very interesting features compared to the other cuisines.


The Mediterranean food is very popular than the other cuisines.  Its almost preferred by most of the people likecuisine  the chienese or the french cuisine.


If you’re tired of regular tasting food and looking for new experiences our food is the best choice for mediterranean food experience. Just try our mediterranean food and you won’t regret your choice.


Our delicious mediterranean food on grill is highly reccomended . You can also check through the internet and have ideas about peoples opinions.


The Turkish cuisine is famous for its grills:  chicken shish kebabs, beef shish kebabs or meat shish kebabs.


Please enjoy the warm atmosphere of our restaurant our  nice staff . Have your best food experience.


Our menu


Chicken Shish Kabab


seasoned chicken breast on the grill


Beef shish kabab


delicious tasty juicy beef on the grill


Adana kabab


marinated meat like  huge meatballs




we offer you three kinds of wraps


chicken wrap beef and adana wrap


beef wrap skewered salad and beef wrapped in lavash (sort of bread) served

with rice and french fries

adana wrap salad and skewered meat wrapped in lavash served with rice and french fries


chicken wrap salad and chicken wrapped in warm lavash served with rice and french fries




oven roasted eggplant stuffed with meat tomato and rice mixture

dolma grape leaves filled with rice and meat




turkish ravioli filled with meat served with yogurt and tomato sauce




grape leves are stuffed with meat rice tomato and dill and cooked

Afterwards they are served with yoghurt For people who look for different taste

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