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Manti, Turkish handmade ravioli

Served with garlic yougurt sauce and red topping

Mantu are dumplings popular in most Turkic cuisines, as well as in the Caucasian,Central Asian, Chinese Islamic, and Hejaz cuisines. Nowadays, manti are also consumed throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States, where the dish spread from the Central Asian republics. The dumplings typically consist of a spiced meat mixture, usually lamb or ground beef in a dough wrapper, and either boiled or steamed. Size and shape vary significantly depending on the geographical location.Manti resemble the Chinese jiaozi, Korean mandu, Mongolian buuz, and the Tibetan momo.

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The perfect harmony of dough, minced meat and yoghurt… Topped with butter and pepper sauce

Here is a taste that will make your mouths water. Indeed, I apologize for mentioning the wonderful taste of ravioli while everyone is fasting.

Manti is a difficult dish. The dough is rolled thinly by skilled hands. Ravioli material is put into it and it is closed in the form of a bundle or amulet by those skilled hands.

The material of the ravioli may not always be minced meat. In Central Asian countries and in us, a wide variety of ingredients are put into mantı. Potatoes, cubed meat, chickpeas, lentils and chicken meat were the main ingredients of ravioli. This variety of ingredients will have inspired the way ravioli is cooked, as ravioli can be cooked in the oven, steamed, fried or boiled depending on the region.
So who first tasted this beautiful and difficult dish? So, who were the first to discover ravioli? Manti originates from China and takes its name from the Sino-Korean word “mantou”.


The reason why we love and eat ravioli right now is the Central Asian Turks… Because the Central Asian Turks, who learned ravioli from the Chinese in the 13th century… The adventure of ravioli that goes all the way to Anatolia started there.

Mantı is a dish that has been eaten in Anatolia since ancient times. Moreover, it has a very important place in the Ottoman palace cuisine. For example, Fatih Sultan Mehmet liked to start almost every day with ravioli. II. Beyazıt was another sultan who loved ravioli. His favorite type of ravioli was the steamed one…

As we said, ravioli requires skillful hands, especially in the opening phase of the dough. It is difficult to make ravioli. But you can’t get enough of a ravioli, which is made by masters and whose sauce and skillfully prepared ravioli.

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