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28 June 2021
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History of Adana Kebab Every culture has its own set of basic dynamics. Adana kebab is one of these special cultural dishes unique to Adana. Adana kebab, which can be easily found in many different restaurants today, is debatable how much Adana kebab is in terms of taste. Therefore, it is important to always taste local flavors from the best place in this regard. The most basic feature that distinguishes Adana kebab from other types of kebab is the meat used in making kebabs. The meat used must have been obtained from male sheep grown in the highlands and belonging to a unique flora. This will contain the basic flavor of Adana kebab and will give Adana kebab the main flavor. In the Adana kebab production process, we offer the best service for you and deliver the real Adana kebab flavor to you. We are here to give you the best taste with Adana kebab production techniques and years of experience. It has been observed that the use of some auxiliary spices while preparing the mixture for Adana kebab has a direct effect on the flavor of the meat, and these spices have been used frequently in Adana kebab production.

adana kebap

Veal should never be used in Adana kebab production. Adana kebab, which is made with only lamb meat, creates a wonderful flavor when lamb is combined with tail fat, chili pepper and salt.Adana kebab Preparing and cooking the ingredients is a separate virtue. By trying different techniques from the past to the present, the most accurate method has been found and Adana kebab, which is today’s delicious, has been revealed. Adana kebab is cooked with charcoal of stagnant and oak wood. In order to determine the cooking time and the meat is cooked, it should be cooked until it turns from red to brown. While cooking Adana kebab, mixing and cooking the ingredients by a master expert in this field will add great convenience. Adana kebab leaves an irresistible taste in your mouth with a professional flavor in this direction for you. For the history and all other details of Adana kebab, contact us now to meet this special flavor and to taste the Adana kebab prepared with the most hygienic equipment.

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