Featured Tastes of Turkish Cuisine: Milky Desserts

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Turkish cuisine milk dessert

Turkish cuisine milk dessert

In Turkish cuisine, both milk desserts and desserts with syrup are very important. Especially milky desserts are in great demand because they are easy to digest and very tasty, and they are frequently prepared and served in Turkish cuisine. Apart from its taste, milk desserts also have a very important place in a healthy diet. Generally, people who are on a diet can eat more healthily by choosing milky desserts instead of meeting their sweet needs from syrupy and heavy desserts. Turkish cuisine, which has many delicious milk desserts, has a very wide portfolio in terms of milk desserts. So, what are these unique milk desserts in Turkish cuisine? Let’s examine these milky desserts together.

Rice pudding

When it comes to milk dessert, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly rice pudding. Rice pudding, made from rice, milk, starch and sugar, is a dessert that cheers up Turkish tables by taking its place at the top of dairy desserts. There is almost no house where the rice pudding, which is the dessert of many people’s childhood, is not cooked. However, one should be very careful while cooking rice pudding and a rice with milk should not be made. Because the most important point in making rice pudding is to adjust the consistency of rice and starch. Otherwise, a very tasty dessert will not come out. The flavor of rice pudding, which is served in a casserole and fried in the oven, is indescribable.


Kazandibi, which is the dessert of almost everyone’s childhood after rice pudding, has both a very delicious taste and a very pleasant appearance. It is possible to state that the number of people who do not like the cauldron, which is prepared by burning the top with sugar, is very few. The most important point to be considered while making the cauliflower is to make sure that every part of the dessert is completely burned. Unfortunately, if the cauldron does not burn, a pleasant taste emerges. You can consume this unique milk dessert, which you need to put in the refrigerator after it cools, after it has been in the fridge long enough.

Turkish cuisine milk dessert kazandibi


Triliçe is not actually a Turkish dessert. However, it would be hard not to add the triliche, which has been appearing in many patisseries and cafes recently, which fascinates with its taste, to the list. Triliçe, which has a rich milk and caramel structure, has a unique flavor.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is one of the first desserts that comes to mind when it comes to milk dessert. Chicken breast made with flour, milk, butter and starch takes on a completely different flavor when mastic gum is added to it. We know that you cannot say no to this unique taste. Chicken breast, which is decorated in various ways, is one of the most important desserts of Turkish cuisine.

Turkish cuisine milk dessert

Grand Vizier Turkish Delight

Grand Vizier’s delight, a dessert that has survived from the Ottoman period to the present day, is made from milk, whipped cream, semolina and coconut. You can taste this unique flavor by preparing Grand Vizier Turkish delight, which has a consistency like Turkish delight.

Turkish cuisine milk dessert

Sultan Wrap

Sultan wrap is a kind of milk dessert that has survived from the Ottoman period to the present day. It is made from milk, cocoa, flour, sugar and whipped cream. After the wrap is cooked, it is laid out on a tray and the stuffing is added. Then, the dessert, which is rolled in the form of a roll, is cut and has a unique flavor.


When talking about milk desserts, it is impossible to skip the kishkulu. Kaskul, which is made from ingredients such as rice flour, powdered almonds and coconut, and has an incredible taste, is among the sine qua non of Turkish cuisine. Considering that there are very few people who do not like Keşklü, it can be easily understood how important Keşkü is for Turkish cuisine. You’re also a fan of taskul, aren’t you?


Güllaç, which decorates Turkish tables and feasts the stomachs especially in Ramadan, is a dessert that is among the indispensables of milk desserts in Turkish cuisine. Güllaç, which is made from leaf gullaclar, milk, sugar and rose water, is a flavor we come across in Ramadan tables. Güllaç, which is consumed by resting and decorated with pomegranates, may not be liked by some people because it has a different flavor.

Turkish delight

Turkish delight is a dessert that is heavily consumed by both Turks and foreigners. Turkish delight, which entered Turkish cuisine in the Ottoman period, has become the symbol of the Turks and has a touristic importance.

We talked about important milk desserts in Turkish cuisine. So, what’s your favorite milky desserts?

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