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12 April 2021
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The history of pide (pita)

Turkish Food Pide (pita) is a type of bread with a wide variety of types. It is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine. Black Sea pita (pide) is one of these pide varieties. Black Sea pide is widely consumed in some provinces of the Aegean and Central Anatolia regions, especially the Black Sea.

Black Sea pide, weddings in Turkey, in the funeral home and invite guests to entertain frequently consumed. Usually minced meat, onion and tomato mixture is used in pitas (pide). This is called internal preparation.

Internal preparations are laid on the previously prepared long and flat dough. Pitas prepared in this way are cooked beautifully in a stone oven. The name of Black Sea pita (pide) is different from other pitas(pide). Pita, which has a very long history, continues to be cooked in Anatolia from the 15th century to the present.

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How to Eat Pide?

There are many types of pita (pide) that are popularly consumed in Anatolia. One of the main features that add variety to the pita is the materials used in the pita (pide). Especially minced pita is mostly consumed with seasonal salads and cold drinks.

The materials used in the preparation of minced meat pita (pide) and the way of preparation are similar to the meat bread from Konya region. The most important difference of this type of pita (pide) from Konya meat bread is that it has a more flattened shape.

A long history of Turkish food pide, pita is now offered for sale in the hall still in Turkey. The Black Sea is one of the most consumed varieties of pita in Turkey also has many varieties of pita. These;

  • With cheese,
  • Diced pide, (pita)
  • Pita (pide) with minced meat,
  • Garlic pide,
  • There are varieties of different flavors, including egg pide and mixed.
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What Turkish Food Pide (pita) Lovers Look for in Pide (Pita)?

Pide is among the most special foods of our traditional palate. In order for a pita to have the required flavor, it is essential that it has some features. These features include many details from the material of the pita to the way it is prepared. Maza Lv, an expert on pita, draws attention to some issues for perfect pitas.

Pita Dough Should Have Required Properties

Pita pide) dough has a certain thickness. Nobody likes a pita dough that is too thick. On the other hand, excessively thin pita dough causes some problems while cooking. Drying of the pita and even the base part will be inevitable in this case. The thickness of the dough should be just right in order to avoid these.

When preparing pita dough, the consistency of the dough is also an important factor for the taste of the pita. This dough is created with certain dimensions. Flour and water need to be added in the required amounts. Otherwise, the dough may be too hard or too soft. All these are the expertise of Maza Lv’s experienced masters. The masters with years of experience prepare the most perfect pita dough for you.

The Material of Pita (pide) Is Important

Pitas are prepared in different types using many different ingredients. However, whatever ingredients the pita contains, the quality of this material is valuable. Pure and natural materials add flavor to the flavor of the pita. For example, if butter is used in the pita, this butter should be preferred to be natural. The meats used in pita must be of a certain quality. It is important that cheeses are prepared in natural conditions and that they are healthy.

Maza Lv, which offers you the most original form of traditional pita, acts sensitively in all the materials it uses. Maza Lv obtains all its ingredients from the most natural sources. Butter and cheeses used in pitas are supplied from Trabzon. And the meats are provided from healthy animals carefully raised in the highlands of the Black Sea. In this way, Maza Lv prepares and offers you pitas with a unique taste.

Pita should be cooked in enough time

The most important feature that pita lovers look for in pita is that the pita is cooked in sufficient cooking time. During this time, the material of the pita is cooked well. The dough is neither too soft nor too hard. Cheeses used in pita can be spread by melting on the surface of the pita. A pita of this consistency contains the best flavor expected from pita.

Maza Lv offers years of experience in preparing pita. Prepared by using stone oven, pitas are cooked slowly. Meanwhile, the taste of the ingredients is integrated with the dough and prepared to offer you a wonderful taste. Sufficiently cooked pitas are served to you while it is hot.

Abundant material is essential in pita (pide)

Pita turns into a feast of taste with plenty of ingredients. Nobody likes a pita made with limited ingredients on a plain dough. If a pita with minced meat is ordered, the minced meat should be evenly and generously distributed in every corner of the dough.

If cheddar cheese is not used in sufficient amount in a pita with cheddar, it will not give the required taste. The situation is the same with a pita with roasted meat. Maza Lv material, which offers you extraordinary tastes, is a master in preparing pitas that are cooked in full consistency. You can obtain a pita with the characteristics you want from Maza Lv.

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