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13 August 2021
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30 August 2021

When it comes to Turkish cuisine dishes, Anatolian dishes come to mind first. Many cities such as Mardin, Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep have famous and delicious dishes. In this article, we have compiled Anatolian dishes with unique tastes for you. You can try these dishes at home or you can taste these flavors on your Anatolian trip. Here are Anatolian dishes with a unique taste…

Stuffed Ribs (Kaburga Dolması)

Stuffed Ribs; It consists of rice, lamb ribs, almonds, tomato paste and spices. Although it is mostly known as a Mardin dish, stuffed ribs are consumed in many cities in Anatolia and the Eastern Region. It is stuffed into the inner rib prepared from rice, almonds and spices, and the rib is sewn with the help of needle thread. After a cooking process of approximately 3 hours, the ribs are taken out of the pot and made ready for presentation. You can consume this very delicious dish wherever you go in the Anatolian Region.

Kurt Boregi

Küt Börek is also known as “Kurt Börek”. Similar to Albanian pastry in appearance and taste, Küt Böreği has a unique appetizing appearance. There are hardly any people who don’t like Küt Börek, which is made of stringy layers and has a golden yellow color. Moreover, it is possible to come across Küt Börek, one of the famous flavors of the Anatolian region, almost everywhere in Turkey. This pastry, which is both cheap and delicious, is consumed by sprinkling powdered sugar on it.

Piti Kebab

Piti kebab is a type of kebab that is frequently consumed in Azerbaijani cuisine as well as Turkish cuisine. Piti kebab, known as Bozbaş in and around Iğdır, Kars, consists of mutton, lavash and chickpeas. The food has a distinctive yellow color. A herb called yellow root is used to give the food this yellow color. You should definitely taste this unique flavor on your Anatolian trip.

icli Kofte

Kibbeh is actually a dish served in the kitchens of almost every part of our country. However, kibbeh, which is mostly consumed in the eastern region, is cooked and prepared in different ways in cities such as Gaziantep, Adana, Adıyaman, Mardin, and Şanlıurfa. Also known as kibbe in some regions, stuffed meatballs are prepared especially for guests, henna nights and holidays.


İşkembe Dolması

Stuffed tripe is also a dish unique to the Anatolian region. Stuffed tripe, which has an important place in Mardin cuisine, belongs to the Assyrians of Mardin. You can come across the stuffed tripe, which is consumed by everyone who loves tripe, in any city in the Anatolian Region and taste this unique dish.

Fasulye Yapragi Koftesi

Bean leaf meatball is a dish unique to Malatya. Bean leaf patty, which consists of bean leaves, cherries, mulberry, quince, hazelnut leaves, bulgur for meatballs, yogurt, onion and flour, is a very tasty and extremely easy dish to make. You can make bean leaf patties yourself or taste them during your trip to Malatya.

Urfa kebab

When it comes to kebab, Urfa kebab comes to mind first. Urfa kebab, which you can consume almost anywhere in Turkey, can be found in Urfa. Urfa kebab, which has a unique taste and appetizing appearance, is a dish that has become the symbol of Urfa.

urfa kebap


Borani is one of the famous dishes of Anatolia. Borani, which can be found in various regions of Turkey, is prepared with spinach and beans. Borani is a dish cooked by adding bulgur and boiling it. After cooking, it is served with garlic yogurt and butter. On the other hand, dry onions are usually consumed alongside boranine. You should definitely try the taste of borani on your trip to the Anatolian region.

İsot Cömlegi

Isot pottery is one of the famous dishes of Şanlıurfa. This dish, which consists of Şanlıurfa pepper, that is, tomatoes prepared with isot and produced by dehydrated agriculture, has a unique taste. In the production of isot pots, the milk and meat of the Avesi sheep grown in the Şanlıurfa region are used. It is a little difficult to prepare because isot is used extensively in the dish. Therefore, you may have some difficulty trying it at home. Turkish cuisine

We talked about the famous dishes of the Anatolian Region. Which of these Anatolian Region dishes, which have a unique taste and beauty, have you tried before? You can share your experiences with us.

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